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Connective Tissue


this powerful gel-like connective 

tissue provides protective

cushioning to a multitude of veins

and arteries.  Researchers regard

this connective tissue as key to

successful tissue development and

protection given its high

concentration of growth factors,

high molecular weight hyaluronic

acid and Medicinal Signaling Cells.

BioXstem obtains HylaJel
from an FDA-registered tissue
bank that only accepts bio-ethically
donated birth tissue from healthy,
consenting mothers in the United
States who have passed a
comprehensive medical
background check, blood

screenings and have full term,

live C-Section births.

The Power of Connective Tissue

  Derived naturally from Connective Tissue

  Rich in cytokines, growth factors, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, natural nano particles, proteins and Medicinal Signaling Cells


  Proprietary process ensures
  structural integrity and potency

  Minimally manipulated and DMSO

* Upon completion, 20% of each batch is sent away for 3rd party testing to a laboratory solely focused on donor eligibility testing and microbiology testing for transplant products.

This product is not intended for use in the treatment of any disease or condition. 

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