About Us

BioXstem provides alternative solutions by providing you direct access to the latest cutting-edge products and services. We are dedicated to researching and providing compliant solutions that help others benefit from the best that medicine has to offer.


The rapid convergence of scientific discoveries and rising consumer expectations have made the delivery

of health related services more complex, competitive and challenging. BioXstem is here to assist in

navigating this new territory with ease.


We don’t just distribute the most cutting-edge products today, we provide the support you deserve. From logistics to peer-to-peer insights, we assist with the particulars so you can embrace these

new technologies that will allow you to operate more efficiently, effectively and affordably.

To keep it simple, we’ll help you modernize your practice by tapping into our vast ecosystem of partners

to deliver more personalized, future-ready care at the speed of life. 


BioXstem only works with laboratories that are FDA registered tissue banks, implement and maintain FDA regulations, prioritize legal counsel and perform regular internal audits. 


Additionally, those labs are cGMP certified, implement AATB standards and only work with tissue procurement organizations within the United States and that follow ACOG requirements.  


Upon completion, each batch is sent away for 3rd party testing to a laboratory solely focused on donor eligibility testing and microbiology testing for transplant products.